Melin Homes

Health and Well-being, learning from the past for the future

A project with Melin Homes working on behalf of Public Health Wales. Marion worked with residents (over 55s) who were part of Melin's schemes and Crownbridge School to produce a design for the front cover of Public Health Wales' annual report. 
With Marion leading the design process, participants generated ideas and painted collages using a variety of techniques. At the end of the 4 weekly workshops, Marion put their work together, turning their artwork into collages for the brochure and the final design was digitally printed onto canvas.

"Thank you so much for this, I leave these workshops on a high!" – resident, Melin Homes (05/03/20).

"This has been a big deal for (X). Normally (X) doesn't like to leave the school and be with other people - (X) has really come out of her shell and the artwork she's produced has been amazing." – support worker, Crownbridge School.