A Thousand Voices

2016 – 2018, Project co-ordinator/Lead Artist

A THOUSAND VOICES (Heritage funded) relates through participants' stories how Community House Eton Road – a Presbyterian Church and Community Centre was designed, built and served the community of Maindee, Newport for 50 years.

It is an inspirational discovery of the people who created and are still building community, influencing positive changes to society.

With project director Sue Mizon and our team of 35 volunteers, we discovered stories and  collaborated to develop a school's project, learning resource and digital app with 3 local primary schools, 2 award winning writers (Rufus Mufasa and Valerie Bloom), 3 multi-media artists and design agency Overandover.london

Thanks to: Heritage Fund, People's Collection Wales, Mencap Cymru, Communities First and Gwent Archives, for their training and support throughout the process.

Link to our digital app: http://www.etonrdch.org/1000voices/content/thousand-voices.html

Link to our youtube page: http://bit.ly/2r5gMWa