Touch A Flower, Talk to Me

Funded by the Arts programme within Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, TOUCH A FLOWER, TALK TO ME involved 54 participants including patients of Specialist Neuro Rehabilitation Unit (ward 7) Rookwood Hospital, staff, members of Sunrise Elderly Living crafts group and 28 Year 6 pupils from Peter Lea Primary School. 

After a consultation period, in which Marion finalised her ideas, she led 8 one-hour workshops at Rookwood Hospital and 4 two-hour sessions in school followed by 4 weeks in July and August to construct the wallhanging and interactive display. The touch-sensitive flowers released staff and pupils' voices enabling visitors to discover what the dedicated staff do in the Neuro-rehabilitation unit. Visitors could also listen to the insightful views of the pupils' opinions on the role of the arts within clinical environments.

The project was commissioned to capture the essence of Rookwood Hospital via memories to support the transition of services from Rookwood to University Hospital Llandough.  The informal interviews were transcribed and put into a small book to highlight what makes Rookwood a special place to work.

An exhibition took place in September 2019 at Plaza Exhibition Space, Llandough Hospital.

“What a beautiful exhibition of joy, colour, memories and expresses so much of the joy and warmth that so many people feel towards Rookwood and the recordings transport you there. Looking at the flowers doesn’t make you think you’re in a hospital and the fact that you can actually touch and interact was an important process for many with beautiful, memorable outcomes” – Visitor, Plaza

TOUCH A FLOWER, TALK TO ME has been selected to be shown at 'The Power of Flowers' Swansea's Festival of Stitch, 2020.

Download the Evaluation Report for TOUCH A FLOWER, TALK TO ME