Hello and welcome to my website!

I am a multidisciplinary artist based in South Wales, with over 10 years' of experience in Participatory Arts Practice specialising within the field of Arts in Health. In 2020, I launched www.arting.wales to enable Healthcare professionals and artists to collaborate and provide high-quality, tailor-made, person-centered arts projects.

My process begins with observational sketches of everyday environments, immersing myself in nature and still life; mark-making and taking photos. I work figuratively, to communicate joyful positive emotions predominantly through flower and landscape paintings.

When co-creating art, I enjoy working with abstract elements that offer viewers different interpretations and possibilities for a range of outcomes. I find this process inspiring and exciting. This is the starting point for further collaboration and exploration.

I find ideas anywhere – especially from creative practices different from my own and through writing, travelling abroad to absorb history, arts, and culture. This has led me to create paintings with weathered surfaces that begin as under paintings. I work on board using recycled materials to layer transparent, thin colours to build up paintings slowly. Surfaces are sanded back to reveal hidden textures and colour.
I have many sketchbooks on the go, they are places for experimentation - and are never perfect! I play with a variety of materials, choosing those that make unexpected marks and allow for space to sand back layers.

I also use dip pens and ink on paper, collaging surfaces with recycled, stitched paper and found graphics from the environment.