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Marion Cheung, Fine Artist

I studied Fine Art Printmaking at Central Saint Martins. After graduating, I worked as a freelance graphic artist in the fashion industry. I moved to Wales in 2003 to set up a design company www.webber-design.com with my husband Rhys who is a graphic designer, photographer and musician. We have three children, 2 of them often appear in my work, the third one has left home to rebel against the creatives to study Business management.

A recent project – 'Maindee Stories: The Fabric Of Our Lives', has Ied to a new appointment as Project Co-ordinator for an HLF social history project called 'A Thousand Voices.' Over a 2-year period it will focus on the history of a community centre and church (Community House, Eton Road) based in the most multiculturally diverse area in Wales. Their mission statement is 'Building a caring community.' They do this by welcoming people from different cultures, faiths or none; providing space to learn, share and support one other.

This project will record stories from people who have made a difference within their community and create digital stories for The People's Collection of Wales. It will engage local people, 3 primary schools, a writer and an artist; resulting in an exhibition and legacy which, in our current socio-political climate is needed now, more than ever.





Marion in Venice