"I'm utterly impressed and overwhelmed by these images and the movement from slightly concerning to apocalyptic and sinister. Very, impressive. It seems a very long distance has been travelled between 'AutoReply' and 'Lost Connection'. – Adrian Masters, Political Editor at ITV Cymru Wales.

"Walking into this exhibition is like walking into another world. The paintings, lighting and sound work in harmony – complete balance. The concept; the message is strong and still has room for the subtle. This work should tour!" – Marega Palser, Newport.

"Can't wait to see this work exhibited at more important venues – ticks all the boxes of good contemporary art." – Charles Davies, Wales.

"Amazing show and great idea. I recognised my own 3 kids here! Very glad I managed to see this exhibition." – Carrie Reichardt, London.



'I found the whole experience of taking part in Maindee Stories enjoyable. It was a real thrill to show women from many different cultures, who had not sewn at all or not for a long time a few basic embroidery stitches and to see their enjoyment in creating their own pieces of work.

It was also a pleasure to feel part of a caring community who felt excited about recording the stories of their community to share with others and to see the wall hanging take shape and find its own identity by combining the everyday life's of many different people who live and have lived in Maindee over the years.

 The process of making the hanging was organic and true to the people who took part. A true learning experience for all. One I will look back on with pleasure' – Sandra Fowler

'I was very excited to hear about Marion's project when she visited my local WI meeting. I had just recently finished a university degree as an Artist Designer Maker and have been developing an interest in textile art/embroidery. My own work as an artist is partly focused on conversation and I found this happened naturally as we stitched. Some of the ladies from my WI group had volunteered to help on the project and I have learned more about them through this venture, than I had at our meetings. I wondered if this is because stitch is therapeutic and while your hands are busy, you relax and conversation comes easily. I have really enjoyed being part of this project, it has helped me revisit some embroidery techniques and I have learned some new ones. I can't wait to to see the finished work and read about the stories that are included' – Andrea Lloyd-Carney

'Thank you for the opportunity to work on this project with such a welcoming group. It has been a very enjoyable and enriching experience' – Serena Alder-Woolf

'The project was good and I really enjoyed it. We learnt so many new skills. It was a nice friendly atmosphere and we were able to make new friends. Overall it was a very useful and inspiring project' – Rakhel Smith

'The process of the project has been great, with skills workshops and plenty of creative input from the participants.  Marion has had a clear vision of what she wants but at the same time has been willing to accept lots of ideas.  That must be difficult for an artist: I really admire the way she has controlled the project with such light hand and we can all be very proud of the finished article' – Susan Lewis

THEN AND NOW – Produced by Stephanie Roberts

"I was very pleased with the interaction between Refugees and artists... I thought it was wonderful that this group was given the opportunity to be part of the creative process.
I think the secret was with the artists' way of making them feel welcome. It was complete acceptance, no matter what English they had. The artists provided a meaningful experience – It takes a long time before people I work with achieve a sense of belonging and acceptance. It makes sharing easier. The importance of sharing experiences and being part of a creative process with artists, achieves that sense of equality.
The sense of identity, of being nurtured, the sense of having their contribution valued at that level was remarkable. 

I was there watching the development of the process but the delivery blew my mind, I knew it would be good but I didn't know it was going to be that good. I meet individuals now and they still talk about it. We should be doing more of that." – Danilo Padhila – Community Development Officer, Newport City Council