I love working with other artists and have collaborated quite a few so far, including Newport-based artists Mr & Mrs Clark and Stephanie Roberts.

I met Rufus Mufasa in 2016. She describes herself as a 'literature activist' and is a talented performer that meshes a unique vocal range and style that's rooted in hip-hop culture.

Rufus visited the Pop Factory, Art in the Attic in Porth, to see the Lost Connections paintings, inspiring her to write some pieces for LANDMARKS, performed with artist Unity at Cardiff's annual 'Made in Roath' arts festival in 2017.

Landmarks is also inspired by the revelation that 'nature' words such as 'acorn' and 'ivy' have been removed from the Oxford Junior Dictionary to make way for words from the digital age such as 'browser' and 'chatbot'. Mufasa and Unity explore our eroding connection to the natural world including universal themes such as love and loss, social media, advertising and motherhood.

As Robert Macfarlane casts spells in his book 'The Lost Words', Mufasa and Unity also cast spells - with a loop pedal and vinyl. Landmarks ignites debate about language, nature, poetry, technology and hip-hop culture. 

I saw Rufus and Unity's performance at Made in Roath, it was impressive to see what they  achieved with very few resources. Unity's magical transformation of what was an empty, unremarkable space, was inspiring.

Together, we recreated the space in Newport (May, 2018) and, with the support of the Arts Council Wales' Noson Allan //Night Out scheme booked Maindee Library on Chepstow Road.

It was a stressful lead time because the library was undergoing a re-furb. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we couldn't have the venue that we had set our hearts on. In true spirit, the show had to go on.  

With a stroke of luck, we managed to secure The Pen & Wig, Stow Hill, which turned out to be perfect. It had a red and blue colour scheme and even flock wall paper!

Since then, I have been reading more of Rufus' work and have painted some responses to  'Sweet Mother I See You' and 'Schooled by a Sunflower'...There will be more collaborations this year...


Rufus Mufasa


Mr & Mrs Clark 

Stephanie Roberts

Maindee Library

Noson Allan//Night Out