With Rufus Mufasa, a talented performer that meshes a unique vocal range and style that's rooted in hip-hop culture.

Inspired by 'Lost Connections' she wrote new works for LANDMARKS, performed with artist Unity at Cardiff's annual 'Made in Roath' arts festival in 2017.

Landmarks concerns the revelation that 'nature' words such as 'acorn' and 'ivy' have been removed from the Oxford Junior Dictionary to make way for words from the digital revolution. Mufasa and Unity explore eroding connections to the natural world including themes of social media, advertising and motherhood.

As Robert Macfarlane casts spells in his book 'The Lost Words', they cast spells too - with loop pedals and vinyl. Landmarks ignites debate about language, nature, poetry, technology and hip-hop culture. 

We recreated an environment of paintings and installation (May, 2018) with the support of the Arts Council Wales' Noson Allan //Night Out scheme booked our venue...

'Sweet Mother I See You' and 'Schooled by a Sunflower' are the results of Rufus' poetry...

Rufus Mufasa


Noson Allan//Night Out