Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface was directed by Newport International Airspace (N.I.A). It included performances by: Mr & Mrs ClarkBOSCHTin Shed TheatreArtRat and Dino Rovaretti. Photography: Jo HaycockStephanie Roberts transformed an empty shop into a curated gallery space. 

The destruction of the Chartist Mural and the regeneration of Newport city centre was the inspiration behind this series of mixed media paintings. 

I was also looking at the work of artist Sandra Blow (1925-2006) and reading about her process. I had an underlying structure, using hand cut stencils overlaid onto glazed surfaces of colour. Pared back graphic structures revealed underlying layers. I became interested in the Japanese philosophy 'kintsugi' and 'wabi-sabi' - celebrating imperfections. Richard Diebenkorn's work also inspired me after I had made this series.
The paintings are reminiscent of archaeological excavations of a lost-city.

'Beneath The Surface' was sponsored by NCC/The Project Space and Arts Council of Wales. 

Each painting is 30cm * 30cm, Oil, Paper and Gold Leaf on Canvas.