Beneath The Surface

Beneath The Surface was directed by Newport International Airspace (N.I.A) and included performances withMr & Mrs ClarkBOSCHTinShedTheatreArtRat (Tanya Whittaker)andDino Rovaretti.

An empty shop was transformed into a gallery, curated byStephanie Roberts.
The destruction of theChartist Muraland improvement of the city centre led to this series based on regeneration. 

Working intuitively on an underlying structure. Hand made paper cut stencils are overlaid onto glazed surfaces of colour. Graphic structures are scraped back to reveal underlying layers. The resulting paintings are reminiscent of excavations from a city that has long since disappeared.

'Beneath The Surface' was sponsored by NCC/The Project Space and Arts Council of Wales. 

Each painting is 30cm * 30cm, Oil, Paper and Gold Leaf on Canvas.