Then And Now

13th June 2015, Refugee Week, The RIverfront Theatre.

This project demonstrates the importance of art to people struggling in uncertain circumstances due to forced migration and the effects of war. 

I was invited to collaborate with artist Stephanie Roberts to work in response to a brief from the Welsh Refugee Council. Through creating artworks and installations we co-produced with individuals and were supported by The British Red Cross and Sanctuary, Bethel Church to communicate what it means to be a refugee today. 

"Using the 'Grisaille' painting technique, we painted lengths of heavily textured paper. Skylines from Eritrea, Malaysia and Iraq were imagined to flow across each piece. Paper-cut birds represent freedom and migration - they were placed onto the paintings during workshops at the exhibition. They cast shadows and traces across the walls.

"It was a privilege to work alongside artist and producer Stephanie Roberts - her responses to the brief; use of materials are imaginative and unexpected".

Tin Shed Theatre and artist Steven George Jones led exhilarating performance pieces, working with individuals who had never acted in front of an audience before. Shadow-play mirrored the artwork in the exhibition.

Benson Wereje's extraordinary film 'A Fork in the Road' was also showcased in the ground floor gallery.